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Burmese Matilda has cat flu

Lena & Matilda

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Matilda is taking her time to get used to the baby. Every time the baby cries she looks very confused and often goes into hiding. She never had cat flu before, but Lena did, so I guess she had the virus waiting for her immune system to weaken :( We've been cleaning her eye with warm compresses and giving her extra attention. Thankfully she's getting better! Cat Wheezing: What should I do if my cat is wheezing? Kitten Academy Live Stream. Burmese cats and burmese food at Inthar Heritage House - Inle Lake, Myanmar. Kitten Maci has cat flu. She needs to go to the veterinarian! Cat breathing problem. Sick and abandoned kittens rescued by Cat Shelter. Bad ideas 1: taking a burmese cat for a walk. Burmese cat - talking and a lot of purring. Concours Général Agricole félin 2018 Sacré de Birmanie. Katze erkältet. A Kitten Last Moment . Feline Calicivirus. How to Get a Cat to Stop Sneezing. Cat Asthma Attack -- what to look for in your kitty. Lost my cat to fluid in lungs please watch for the signs (GRAPHIC). Russian Blue Lena kneads, Burmese Matilda chills.

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