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Burmese Cat VS. Siamese Cat

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Burmese Cat VS. Siamese Cat.

What are the differences between these two cat breeds?

The Burmese are often described as a “brick wrapped in silk,” a testament to his solid, muscular body. While the original Burmese was a dark solidbrown color known as sable, he now comes in other shades as well, including blue, champagne, and platinum. The cats have a compact body with a rounded head; large, expressive eyes in gold or yellow; and mediumsized ears that are rounded at the tips and tilt slightly forward.

The coat is short and satiny. The traditional sable is a rich, warm brown, slightly lighter on the underbody. A kitten’s coat darkens as it matures. Nose leather and paw pads are brown. A champagnecolored Burmese is a warm honeybeige shading to a pale goldtan on the underside. Nose leather is a light warm brown and paw pads are a warm pinkish tan.

Blue Burmese have a mediumblue coat with a slightly lighter belly. Nose leather and paw pads are slate gray. Platinum Burmese are a pale silverygray with light fawn undertones and a slightly lighter color on the underbody. The nose leather and paw pads are pretty lavenderpink. Some associations permit other colors, including tortoiseshell, lilac, and red.

What the Siamese looks like depends on the breed standard of each particular organization. Most cat associations call for the Siamese to have a svelte but muscular body with long lines. The wedgeshaped head is long and tapering from the narrow point of the nose outward to the tips of the ears, forming a triangle. The unusually large ears are wide at the base, pointed at the tip, giving them the same triangular shape as the head.

Mediumsize almondshaped eyes are always a deep vivid blue. The body is often described as tubular and is supported by long, slim legs, with the hind legs higher than the front legs. The Siamese walks on small, dainty, oval paws and swishes a long, thin tail that tapers to a fine point.

The short coat of the Siamese has a fine texture. In the Cat Fanciers Association, it comes in four colors: seal point, a pale fawn to the cream body with deep seal brown points and deep brown nose leather and paw pads; chocolate point, an ivory body with milk chocolatecolored points and cinnamonpink nose leather and paw pads; blue point, a bluishwhite body with deep blue points and slatecolored nose leather and paw pads; and lilac point, a glacial white body with frosty pinkygray points and lavenderpink nose leather and paw pads.

The International Cat Association allows for a range of colors beyond the fourpoint colors recognized by CFA. They include tabby points, red points, cream points, silver tabby points, smoke points, and particolor points. The coat is short and silky with pale, offwhite body color and dense, even point colors.

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