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Burmese Cat: Pros u0026 Cons


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Choosing a cat as a new family member is not an easy task. All the features of the breed should be taken into account. Unsuitable temperament or difficult care can disappoint the owner. Most often, when buying a cat, a person expects affection and mischief from the pet. It is desirable that she pleased with a shiny coat and stunning eye color. In this case, we want to give less time to hygiene procedures. And to be tolerant to children, and to the doggie, who has long been living in the house. Such a miracle exists, and it is called a Burmese cat.

The homeland of the Burmese cat is the state of Burma (now Myanmar) in South Asia. Representatives of this breed lived in temples and were considered sacred. The American Joseph C. Thompson, having received a Burmese kitten as a gift, became interested in this breed. Thanks to him, a subspecies of the American Burmese cat appeared. Later, representatives of this breed were brought into Europe. Through the efforts of breeders, a new subspecies with more elegant and refined forms was formed the European Burmese cat.

The average height of a Burmese cat is about 30 cm. The weight of an adult male is 56 kg, female 3.5 kg. This discrepancy in size and weight is caused by the developed musculature of these cats. Popularly, they received the nickname "silk brick". Life expectancy is 1015 years.

The pride of the Burmese breed is its silky, shiny hair without undercoat. The eyes are a rich amber color.

Otherwise, the European and American subspecies have different standards.

European subspecies:

Long graceful body.
The head is wedgeshaped.
The shape of the eyes almondshaped.
Large ears, pointed at the ends.
Long, pointed tail.
Coloration is chocolate, light brown.

American subspecies:

Muscular body of medium length.
Rounded head shape.
Rounded eyes widely spaced.
The ears are shorter and wider at the base than those of the European.
The tail is shorter than that of the European burmese cat.
Color chocolate, blue, dark brown (sable), tortoiseshell, red.

The nature of the Burmese cat is malleable. The cat is affectionate, playful and sociable. Quickly adapts to a new home and owner. Not aggressive toward children. This breed is characterized by high intelligence.
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