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BURMESE CAT: A cat that brings good luck and wealth | Interesting facts about cat breeds

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Meet the Burmese or shorthaired Burmese cat, not to be confused with the Burmese. In their historical homeland (in Burma), the ancestors of these cats were considered the reincarnation of the souls of monks and were honorary residents of temples. And these kitties become guides to the souls of the dead in the afterlife.

Well, we, as usual, will start with a historical reference. The state of Burma, which not so long ago became modern Myanmar, is an ancient home for our beauty.

The first mention of Burma dates back to the XII century. Another clear evidence of the ancient origin of the Burmese are the images in the book of Siamese artists, where among all the representatives of the cat family, a cat with the physique and appearance of our eastern beauty stands out vividly.
The Burmese cat has been very highly revered by the locals throughout history. Burmese were considered the highest creatures and were allowed to enter the temples. The monks also took care of the cats in every possible way, demonstrating their respect and service to the gods. According to legend, the burmese brought good luck and wealth, so these cats were loved by the aristocrats of the royal family. Commoners had to be content with more "modest" breeds, such as the mongrel.

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