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Building Affiliate Website with WordPress - Part 2 - Themes Plugins Categories and Pillar Articles

SEO Sorcerer

Our Affiliate site with WordPress tutorial continues as we show you the best WordPress themes and plugins and also get you started on building your category pages which feature pillar articles.

Now that we have chosen our niche, selected a domain and added WordPress and hosting, it's time to get into the good stuff. After you choose a theme, installing plugins and get your categories that include pillar articles on them, it's time to get to the good stuff. So make sure you subscribe so you will get to see the next video where I show off my pillar content and tell you how to take the next steps where we get closer to that first affiliate commission with your website.

Check out our blog post for more info on the topic:

If you missed part one and aren't sure how to choose a niche, choose a domain, get hosting, install WordPress, then check out part 1:

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