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Build a Local-First Finance app with Expo u0026 WatermelonDB


In this video, we’re going to build a localfirst finance app using React Native, Expo, and manage our data locally with WatermelonDB. We'll go step by step into configuring our environment, building the user interface and integrating it with a solid local first database, which will make our app fast and secure. Ready to build your Personal Finance application? Let's get started!

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This video includes a lot of tools and technologies, providing an excellent opportunity to learn about:
Setting up the development environment with Expo
Designing a simple userfriendly interface with React Native
Creating and managing local databases
Installing and configuring WatermelonDB
Syncing data across devices with WatermelonDB

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0:00 Intro and Project Overview
6:55 Starting with a Fresh Expo Project
13:24 Setting Up Expo Router
21:09 Implementing the Home Screen
32:36 Question: WatermelonDB vs Supabase
38:34 Building the 'Add Allocation' Screen
42:26 Integrating a Nested Stack within Tab Navigator
53:49 Designing the 'Accounts' User Interface
1:07:05 Crafting New Account User Interface
1:17:50 Installing WatermelonDB
1:28:10 Building a Custom Development Client
1:35:53 Configuring WatermelonDB
2:19:04 Observing Lists with WatermelonDB
2:42:07 Testing List Updates and Observing Account List Items
2:52:50 Adding a Delete Account Function
2:56:50 Building an Allocation Table and Creating Allocations
3:19:09 Fetching and Rendering Allocations
3:38:23 Calculating Account Distribution
3:46:40 App Demo and Future Implementations
3:58:09 Outro

Disclaimer: This build is for educational purposes only. All views, opinions, and technology choices expressed in this video are my own and do not represent the views, opinions, or technology choices of any entity I have been, am now, or will be affiliated with.
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