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Bugsy, Ragdoll cat who loves piano music. Alley Cat

Zelda Zelda

My 9 month old Ragdoll Breed Kitty named Bugsy, loves watching the piano hammers moving up and down...he was intrigued by my piano playing Alley Cat...too cute. First walk outside – Jeremy The Ragdoll Cat :) 猫が初めて外を歩く. Norbert Burgmüller - Piano Concerto in F-sharp minor, Op.1 (1829). How to Trim Nails (Scottish Fold Kitten). HOW TO PLAY - Sesame Street - Theme Song (Piano Tutorial Lesson). Cat loves guitar! Happy Talking Ragdoll Cat. Ragdoll Cat's Litter Box Set Up - NVR Miss Litterboxes, Litter Lifter and WooPet! Cat Litter Mats. Cat Sleeps Comfortably Over Piano as Owner Plays a Lively Tune - 1034223-1. Fat Siamese cat asks for attention. HOW TO PLAY - Camila Cabello - Havana ft. Young Thug (Piano Tutorial Lesson). Siamese Kitten LOUDEST Purring. THE ENTERTAINER. 🎹 How to play the theme from 'ICE CASTLES' movie (easy piano tutorial lesson free). Ode to Joy (Symphony No. 9 4th Movement) - Ludwig van Beethoven [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia). Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome).

posted by ladjarski0p