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British Shorthair Cat Allergies Explained


Is the British Shorthair a Hypoallergenic Cat?

Life is a set of sacrifices for the catallergic cat enthusiast. It can be saddening when the mere sight of a cat nearby throws you into a sneezing fit if you have your heart fixed on a cute, fluffy feline friend like a British Shorthair.
Their fur is short but very thick and, even though brushed weekly, appears to get everywhere. Like every other cat, British Shorthair cats contain allergens in the same concentrations, which can cause the same reactions. Although the hair itself is not the problem, it can make you cough and sneeze due to the particles that cause the allergic reactions.
For several factors, the British Shorthair is an ideal choice: friendly, sociable yet autonomous, nondestructive, quick to take care of. What they're not is allergensfree or much smaller in terms of allergens.

British Shorthair cats produces the allergic reactions in vulnerable individuals:
• coughing
• sneezing
• swollen eyes
• skin rashes

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posted by aproponegh