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Bringing our new cockatiel home the first days and how long it took to acclimatize!

Cockatielo Creatifly

I made a video about bringing a cockatiel home for the first time. I am used to budgies my whole life and wanted to step it up. I made a timelapse of the first 10 days in our home. He was not so vocal and lively at first, which gave me a lot of worries if he would be sick or wouldn't settle in in our house with humans rather then other birds. We also considered gathering him a buddy if he wouldn't get used to us. But after 10 days he acclimatized and got used to us!

Hopefully this video gives you an impression of our first 10 days with our cockatiel. It can vary per bird how it responds to a new situation, so it's just an example of what it could look like.

posted by concluzienn