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Break the Circumcision Taboo u0026 End Male Genital Mutilation w/ Eric Clopper | 497 | Luke Storey

Luke Storey

I’m so excited to talk to Eric Clopper, an attorney and fierce advocate for human rights and freedom of speech. In America, we genitally mutilate more than 3,000 boys every day for no medical reason. Eric has been fighting against this barbaric, lifealtering practice, which I believe is the root of so many of our societal problems. Eric has taken up this taboo issue with courage, tenacity, and integrity. 

In 2018, Eric was a Harvard professor who became known for his play, "Sex & Circumcision: An American Love Story,” which advocates for a child’s right to be free from genital mutilation. Eric was labeled a “nudist antiSemitic ranter,” and was terminated from his position. 

He sued Harvard for breach of contract, and his case currently rests with the US Supreme Court. In fact, his Harvard case is coming up for review at SCOTUS – today! Eric recently published a YouTube video (   • Is Male Child Mutilation Still Legal ...  ) which explains the crux of the case and links to the briefs.

In today’s episode, we talk about Eric’s groundbreaking play and the status of his lawsuit. We also explore the history of circumcision, its current methods, and how it warps men’s psyches, sexual experience, and pleasure. Eric debunks the myths around why circumcision is medically necessary and delves into the biased science. Then, we discuss the very real trauma of circumcision, both shortterm for infants and lifelong for grown men. 

This is a conversation that many – especially mutilated men – aren’t comfortable having. Eric and I are here to shatter that taboo and hopefully save tens of thousands of future men from this torturous practice. You can visit to support litigation to end male genital mutilation.

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