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Boxer dog and Maine Coon cat meet for first time pt 2


Maine Coon, 1 year old. Boxer, 15 weeks old. Meeting for the first time, cat has been an only child until now. All Coco, the boxer, is trying to do is smell Domino's butt! But he just won't let her! haha Diary of a Maine-Coon Cat, Norwegian Cat, Newfoundland and Bernese Mountain Dog. The Maine Coon Who Thinks He's a Dog. Tino my sheltie puppy plays with Molle the gentle Maine coon cat. Dog and Kitten meet for the first time. Our Labradoodle and maine coon cat enjoying a licking lovefest. you know you've got a boxer when. Funny Maine Coon Baby Cats. Boxer dog and Maine Coon cat meet for first time pt 1. F1 Savannah Cat meets Puppy - www.F1SavannahCats.com. Cat and Dog Play Fighting. maine coons fighting. Savannah Cat and his German Shepherd Dog. Linus the Boxer loves his baby. Luna, my Maine Coon cat, doing her beer box trick. Maine Coon Cats Gentle Giants.

by mainecoonlover07