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Bottle Feeding Newborn Kittens

Once We Were Wild

These tiny newborns were discovered by staff clearing hedges at a local dump. They disturbed the mother who ran away but they knew what she looked like and therefore were able to trap her and she was happily reunited with her kittens. In the meantime, I had to feed them for the first 24hrs which was very tricky due to how tiny they were. They are the youngest kittens I've had to bottle feed. Apparently, it's not a good technique to hold them on their backs, I've been told (I learned from the community here) so don't use that as a role model!
I've since ordered online a silicone kitten feeder that can feed 4 kittens at once.
Adoptions are only available in New Zealand: Please email [email protected].
Feeding, vet bills and taking care of these cats while they find their forever homes is an ongoing cost, so donations are gratefully accepted! Donations can be made through Pay Pal (search: [email protected]).
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posted by Stefaan4w