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Bombay Kittens for Sale!

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An active, curious cat, Bombay loves watching the world around her and can be so affectionate that she demands time with her parent.

Aside from her black coat, the Bombay resembles the Burmese. She has a larger and longer body, however, and longer legs. Her rounded head is topped with straight, wideset, mediumsized ears and she has a mediumlength tail. The lively and affectionate Bombay loves people and is adaptable to many different environments and lifestyles. His calm nature makes him a good apartment dweller, and he is amenable to life with other pets, although he definitely wants to be a top cat.

Expect to find Bombay hogging the warmest spot in the house. That includes under the covers at bedtime. Most will converse with their people in a distinctive but not loud voice. Bombays are often good at playing fetch, and some have learned to walk on a leash. This is a smart cat who loves to play and will thrive with a family who is willing to teach him tricks, play games with him, and provide him with plenty of interactive toys.

She’ll talk to you in a distinct voice, and you’re likely to find her in the warmest spot in your home, whether that’s in the sunlight from a window or curled up under the covers in bed with you. If you're planning to have these playful and intelligent cats, you can get one of them on these reputable Bombay cat breeders.

Gray Mark Bombay Cattery.

The Gray Mark Cattery is dedicated to restoring the popularity of the traditional Burmese cat. They show exclusively traditional Burmese. They raise healthy kittens and cats with exceptional personalities and outstanding conformation to the breed standard. Cats that have made a “mark” in the cat fancy.

Caricature Bombay Cattery.

The caricature is a small cattery, with all their kittens raised in their home, underfoot, and in their laps. They consistently produce National and Regional awardwinning cats in the Cat Fanciers Association, and they place their cats only in those homes that they know will be the very best for them. They keep their focus on the wellbeing of each of our kittens and cats as we promote the Bombay and Burmese breeds in the show world and in happy forever homes.

They occasionally have "retired" young adult breeding and show cats available. Their ages usually range from ten months to four years. They are spayed or neutered before they leave them. Contact them for availability. They have been a CFA Cattery of Excellence, a designation given those catteries who consistently achieve extraordinarily high standards in the maintenance and operation of their cattery activities and the health and welfare of their cats and kittens. You are encouraged to visit and experience this quality and care firsthand.

The caricature is deeply involved in preserving and promoting their breeds. They are members of the Bombay and the Burmese Breed councils. One of them was elected by their fellow CFA Bombay breeders to serve three terms as the Bombay Breed Council Secretary. They also serve as officers of The Bombay Enthusiasts of America breed club and they are members of The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders breed club. Robust health, affection, personalities, and beauty are the common characteristics of Caricature Cattery cats and kittens.

If you are interested in adopting a Bombay or Burmese, they urge you to arrange visits to catteries that interest you, as they believe it is extremely important to see firsthand where and how your kitten is raised, and meet its parents and entire feline family. They do not ship their cats and require a visit to their home and feline family before they will consider any potential buyer. They are located in Connecticut.


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