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Bombay Cat VS. Burmese Cat

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Bombay Cat VS. Burmese Cat.

What are the differences between these two cat breeds?

The Bombay cat personality can easily be classified as extroverted, these are social cats who like to make their presence known. Not only will these cats follow you around the house like your shadow, but they also enjoy talking to whoever is near and willing to listen.

Although at first glance Bombays may look like every other black cat a quick way to tell Bombays apart is that they have an entirely black coat, and their nose and paw pads are also black. Another signature trademark of these sleek felines is the infamous and stunning Bombay cat green eyes. Some Bombays can also sport gold to coppercolored eyes. These sleeklooking, mini black panthers are sociable, playful, and smart. These cats have a striking appearance and a personality that is rather unique compared to many other cat breeds.

The lively and affectionate Bombay loves people and is adaptable to many different environments and lifestyles. His calm nature makes him a good apartment dweller, and he is amenable to life with other pets, although he definitely wants to be a top cat. Expect to find the Bombay hogging the warmest spot in the house. That includes under the covers at bedtime. Most will converse with their people in a distinctive but not loud voice.

Bombays are often good at playing fetch, and some have learned to walk on a leash. This is a smart cat who loves to play and will thrive with a family who is willing to teach him tricks, play games with him, and provide him with plenty of interactive toys.

The Burmese are energetic and friendly. He has the charm and determination of his Siamese ancestors and enjoys conversation as much as that breed, but his voice is soft and sweet, belying his tendency to run the household with an iron paw sheathed in velvety fur. He is highly intelligent and seeks out human companionship, so he’s not best suited to a home where he will be left alone much of the day. If no humans will be around to engage his intellect, be sure he has the company of another pet. He gets along well with other cats and with dogs, but another Burmese will be his best pal.

While not as chatty as their Siamese ancestors, the Burmese did inherit an inclination to make themselves heard. They aren’t shy about vocalizing their needs. When they need your attention, they’ll let you know with a raspy, guttural rumble. Ask any Burmese lover, and they’ll confirm that these cats have darling personalities. These social butterflies turn the charm all the way up when they’re happily engaged with their owners.

Expect him to explore your home thoroughly and know all of its nooks and crannies. He is playful and remains so into adulthood. Tease his clever mind with interactive toys, and teach him tricks that will allow him to show off for an audience. Besides sit, roll over, wave, and come, he can learn to fetch a small toy or walk on a leash. With proper early conditioning, car rides and vet visits will be a breeze.

The Burmese have a habit of getting into things. They like to investigate their owner’s activities from a high vantage point, usually their owner’s shoulders. If you’re considering adding a Burmese cat to the family, be prepared for an energetic and engaging playmate whose greatest desire is to be involved in all household activity.

A Burmese is a good choice if you don’t object to complete loss of privacy. This cat will want to be involved in everything you do, from reading the newspaper and working at the computer to preparing meals and watching television. When you are sitting down, he will be in your lap or right next to you, waiting expectantly to be petted. You will be scolded if you ignore him. Guests will receive his full attention, and it is likely that he will win over even those who claim to dislike cats.


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