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Bombay Cat vs Black Cat – How Can You Tell Them Apart?

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Bombay Cat vs Black Cat – How Can You Tell Them Apart? Welcome to our comparison video of Bombay Cat Vs. Black Cat.

The main distinguishing feature of the Bombay Cat Vs. the Black Cat is their eyes.
All Bombay cats have wide and distinct gold/coppery eyes, which is also a key reason they are bred. This is a crucial feature for a cat to be considered an authentic Bombay. On the other hand, black cats have different eye colors; blue, green, brown, and some golden, so you should incorporate a few other features to tell the two cats apart. Therefore, Bombay cats can only have golden eyes, whereas black cats can have multiple eye colors.

Facial structure
Bombay cats have a tinier and short muzzle compared to other cats, and they also have more enormous eyes, which sometimes causes health complications for them.

Bombay cats are considered clever and very eager to learn new tricks, love to play, and are often curious; on the other hand, black cats are friendlier and gentler than Bombay cats.

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