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BoatScopy YOT 36 - 17 minute private Tour

ActuNautique - Yachting Art

With the YOT 36, the Catana Group aims for nothing less than to repeat the success of its Bali range in sailing, but this time on the motor catamaran market. The credo of the YOT Power Catamarans range could not be clearer: to offer pleasure on board, a new state of mind on the yacht market, combining design, trend, space and comfort.

Certainly, the YOT 36 will be recognizable among thousands on a body of water. On the design side, the taut and modern lines, very personal, should give the YOT 36 a real personality.

It must be said that the YOT 36 is designed by the J&J Design firm, a reference in the field of yachting!

The YOT 36 HardTop, well integrated, will undoubtedly offer good protection against the sun's bite, as well as against sea spray and rain. By using flexible fabrics, the YOT 36 should be an allseason powercat.

Welcome abord the new YOT 36

posted by 4cluvq