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'Blood for Blood' | SAURIA | Animated Short Film (2023)

Dead Sound

Created by David James Armsby.
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"Blood for Blood" is the first film in my "SAURIA" Animated Series.
This film explores the ongoing war between the imperialistic BlueSong Empire and the more barbaric Kindred of the Tusk clan. The film follows a captive Tusk Kindred war chieftain named Taurox.
Taurox is one of the greatest and most feared fighters in all of SAURIA, but the BlueSong are a very prideful and honourable people. Instead of executing him on the spot or leaving him to rot in a cell, they have decided that his execution must be a public event. He must die in arena combat. Fair arena combat. When he inevitably falls this will prove BlueSong superiority over the greatest fighter that opposes them.
How long will SAURIA's greatest fighter last against the might of the BlueSong Empire?

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Some sound effects from:

Score composed by Ivan Duch.
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