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Blinded by Headlights? Here’s what to do

Doctor Eye Health

Are car headlights too bright? Today we review why headlights bother us more than ever and what you can do to help! Subscribe!    / doctoreyehealth  

Headlights can bother your eyes while driving at night due to several factors related to the intensity, color, and contrast of the light, as well as the way your eyes adapt to lowlight conditions.

To reduce the discomfort caused by headlights while driving at night, you can consider the following tips:

1. Keep Windshield Clean: A clean windshield reduces the scattering of light, which can help minimize glare. (also clean your own headlights to minimize glare for other people too)

2. Consider Updated Driving Glasses: Due to changes in pupil size, your focus at night may fluctuate and glasses may help improve your eyesight.

3. AntiGlare Coatings: Some eyeglasses and come with antiglare coatings that can help reduce the discomfort from bright lights.

4. Eye Vitamin Supplements: Research has shown some improvements in contrast sensitivity and photo stress recovery with supplementing of lutein and zeaxanthin carotenoids.

5. Ask your Eye Doctor about pupil constricting medications: Not all doctors will recommend these but depending on your pupil size, vision, and eye health your doctor may consider it.

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0:32 Why Night Driving is hard
2:18 Retinal Bleaching
3:31 Night Driving Glare
6:03 Night Driving Tips
7:46 Wash your windshield
8:04 Update your glasses
8:17 Clean your eyeglasses
8:53 Antireflective lenses
9:24 Night Driving Glasses
10:09 Eye Vitamins for Glare
10:43 Eye Drops for Glare
12:12 Dashboard Light

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