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Bird Room Buddies | Happy Parrot Sounds | HD Parrot TV VIDEO EDITION | 3+ Hours | Bird Room TV

Parrot Town TV

A virtual Bird Room to add to your parrot's environment! Created for you to add to your bird's favorite custom playlist. Just the Parrot Town birds & their own bird room parrot sounds, noises, & talking that they do here at our home.
All parrot sounds are performed by the Parrot Town birds.

Thank You So Much for Watching!

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Parrot Town TV is a Virtual Bird Room for Your Parrot (as well as for my own flock).
Birds are highly intelligent social creatures. This channel is here so we can give our parrots a virtual flock to hang out with every day while helping us create a happy, content, calm, & balanced atmosphere for them through endless parrotenriching sights and sounds.

The Birds of Parrot Town➤ Peachy & Ellie (Cockatoos), Charlie (African Grey), Benny (IRN), Frankie & Augie (Cockatiel)

~*~Please Note~*~
If you're new to caring for birds, please note that Parrot Town TV is not a cureall for parrot problems. Be sure that all of their physical, mental, & emotional needs are met each day as well. Parrots are wild and complex creatures that require a great deal of research to properly balance all aspects of their many daily needs.

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