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Bingo u0026 The Mushrooms

animal_rescue junkie

The most incredible thing I've witnessed in seven years of animal rescue.

In just 45 minutes, Chanterelle went from showing no sign of labor, to three babies that were fluffy dry and actively nursing. So the birth must have started immediately after she snatched Bingo. Getting her paws on a needy baby triggered mothering hormones that kicked her into labor FAST. The vet confirmed that’s certainly what must have happened. Bingo quite literally “made her a mom.”

He was eating on his own prior to that point, so there wasn’t an immediate instinct to nurse; he just lined up with the others for the cuddle, always claiming the spot nearest her face. But by the second or third day he was nursing right along with them. The timing was perfect, because it allowed the newborns to get all the colostrum, after which he boosted her milk supply by increasing the demand. The last signs of infection cleared right up, and he started getting plump. Today he weighed in over two pounds.

There’s no question that Bingo is mama’s favorite. The mushrooms need far more sleep than he does, so he gets much alone time with her. They get a snack together, take a potty break, and she watches him explore and play with toys. He likes to play with her tail, especially during happy hour, when she gets her nightly pinch of catnip.

There was a lot of luck involved here, that's why I waited to share the story online. The little mushrooms could have very easily contracted Bingo's infection, which would have been grave, or even fatal, for such vulnerable newborns. I was extremely worried for a while, so I feel relieved and lucky that it turned out so well. The only way it could get any better is if Bingo and Chanterelle get adopted together. ❤

posted by Muthadhetebahs8