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BIGGEST Dog Pool Party | DDFT Reunion

The Farm

What a truly wonderful day! We all enjoyed it so much. Humans and doggies. A bit of summer fun for all our water loving DDFT pack members, there were a couple that couldn’t make it.

We spent the whole day swimming and playing water games. We had chicken on the barbie for lunch.

Thank you to Jo and friends for the marquee and to Phillip for the toys that everyone got to enjoy.

To Bagel’s Mum at Stylish Hound for sending our pack some lovely life vests and swimming robes, thank you very much.

We hope this jam packed full of doggy fun video of the pool party brings you all a laugh and a smile. I got to say I smiled the whole day filming it.

We loved it so much, we’ll be doing it again through summer.

posted by popayancityvy