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BIGGEST Cat Breeds

Bored Badger

Holy Cat! Have you ever wondered just which cat breeds are the largest? Perhaps you’re just curious, or maybe you would like a giant, lap-crushing, cuddle-lovin’, snuggle monster for yourself. Whichever may be the case, you’re in the right place. Have fun checking out our list of Biggest Cat Breeds!

5. Siberian
I’m loving the fluff; just sayin’. The Siberian is a domestic cat that has been around in Russia for, like, forever, but was only recently categorized as a formal breed. Their longer name is actually the Siberian Forest Cat and come in sizes that range from medium to medium-large. They typically weigh between eight and seventeen pounds, and it sometimes takes them up to five years to reach their full size and for their coat to reach maximum, adorable poofiness. They first arrived in the U.S. in 1990 but were mentioned by Harrison Weir in a book that contained information from the earliest kitty shows in England way back in 1871. The breed is agile and super built like Ahhnold. They have big ol’ hindquarters and a large, full, Swiffer-duster of a tail. Their fur is made up of three layers to protect them from, well, Russia. Place be cold. The cats come in all colors and are adventurous, friendly beasts. They get along with animals of all sorts and love humans; they’re playful while maintaining a mellow side. They love to play with toys and learn tricks…. need I say more? Love one!

4. Ragdoll
These blue-eyed beautifuls are large (obviously, as they’re on this list), muscular semi-longhair cats that feel soft and silky-smooth like the sparse whiskers on a sixteen-year-old boys face. The name “Ragdoll” comes from individuals from the first, initial breeding-stock that would go limp and hang like those creepy ragdolls they make for kids and weird adults when they were picked up. They’re known as “dog-like” cats as they love to follow people around like little puppies, their steadfast opposition against using violence or aggression, and the way they let you handle them however you want, and you better not want to in any weird ways or we’ll find you. These cute kitties are, as we’ve said, quite docile in nature and they, like their Ragamuffin family members, have been mythicized as being possibly pain-resistant. They can be taught to fetch, they love toys and humans, and they’ll get along with your kids. These big fellas/ladies come in at anywhere between twelve and sometimes over twenty pounds! If we didn’t sell these cuties, you might have no soul.

3. Bengal
So sleek, so studly, so sassy. That basically describes the cat known as the Bengal. These big ol’ domestic cats have been bred to look a lot like their jungle cat cousins such as leopards, margays, and ocelots. The name “Bengal” comes from the technical name of the Asian leopard cat (P. b. bengalensis) as they have been bred from hybrids of their Asian ancestors. Typically, Bengals are light brown or bright, nearly pylon-colored kitties with white bellies and wild, large spots, like a tiger. Usually, the beauties need to have at least four generations of separation from their ALC ancestors before they develop a temperament of a domestic cat. Once they have it, though, they require lots and lots of attention, like an Aussie, and they really like water, like Michael Phelps. They love to play and sprint about and have been recorded jumping four feet into the air like some kind of NBA star. They grow to be between eight and fifteen pounds, which, isn’t super heavy, but they reach 2.6 to 3.6 feet in length. The lanky little buggers!

2. Savannah
Ooohhh, look at how sleek and scrawny these little babies are. This here kitty is a hybrid between a domestic cat and a serval, which is a wild, beautiful, snuggle-bunny—not really—from Africa! This breed of cat became really popular in the 1990’s, and it was finally recognized and registered as a new breed in 2001! It went on from there, working its way up, fighting tooth-and-nail, and became a championship breed in 2012. They’re tall, slim kitties, and can weigh in between seven and twenty pounds! For the most part, their coats are spotted, which comes from their serval ancestors, although non-standard servals can have all sorts of colorations and patterning. These adorable pencils are often compared to dogs, as they’re as loyal as Samwise Gamgee. They can be taught to fetch and walk on a leash and will, oh yes, follow you around everywhere you go. They’re reportedly friendly with everyone and everything and are well-known to jump incredible heights, at times eight-feet-high from a standing position! Typically, they reach lengths of around twenty to twenty-five inches, so be ready for them to be nearly as big as your other children! Which may not be a bad thing when you need someone or something to whip their little butts into shape!

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