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Bigfoot in Europe: Giant Sasquatch Encounters

Extreme Mysteries

The biggest terrestrial enigma of all time is undoutedly Bigfoot aka Sasquatch. When people think about Bigfoot, they imagine the wild woods of the United States with most sightings occurring in California and Washington as well as Canada.

However, Bigfoot is not exclusive to North America, the creature has been reported for hundreds of years in parts of Europe and Asia. In this remarkable film, we journey to Europe to uncover a fascinating tale of Bigfoot not only from times gone by, but well into the modern era.

Explore little known evidence that points us in a totally new direction for this mysterious creature. Where does Bigfoot really come from? Is he a missing link? Is he alien? Is he an intelligent primate? Or is there a different answer? We ask questions nobody has asked before. We highlight legends and evidence never before connected with the story of Bigfoot. From the Green Man to the Woodwose, from Wildman to Robin Hood, evidence of a large, hairy and very scary creature lurks in the folktales of England.

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posted by Odisejusz