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Beginner's Guide to Starting an eBay Business 2019 / 2020 | Step by Step Guide


Beginner's Guide to Starting an eBay Business 2019 / 2020
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1. What accounts to open. Ebay and PayPal, you do not need an eBay store to begin with. You do not need a PayPal business account to begin with,.

2. You are going to have limitations on your accounts if they are brand new, typically on eBay you’ll be limited to 10 items and/or $1000 just be aware of that. You can ask for increases once a month. Signing up for an eBay store will NOT increase your selling limits.

3. What items should you list for sale? Well because you are going to be limited to those 10 items and because your account will have 0 seller feedback, you want to list highly desirable items that sell fast! We tell new sellers to look around their house and try to find stuff like video games, consoles, electronics etc. those types of items have great demand on eBay and buyers will look past feedback if the deal is good enough.

4. How should you list your items? There’s two ways, but it now or auctions. 99% of our listings currently are listed as buy it now, we only run auctions when we want to clear out old inventory. That being said, when you first start out, auctions can be a good way to guarantee a sale instead of waiting around for a certain buyer, so your options are, list as an auction and take the risk of an item not selling for as much money as you’d like, or list as buy it now and wait. Again, if you list desirable items for a fair price they will sell as buy it now, so we’d suggest going that route to begin with.

5. How to research how much to list your item for. This is fairly easy, go to sold items on eBay, sort by recent sales and take a look at what’s sold. Then go to currently listed and see what your competition is, at the beginning you’ll need to ask less money because you’re not yet a trusted seller.

6. Feedback, so as I said before everyone starts with zero feedback, to get positive seller feedback you should list your items well, take good pics, ship fast and include a thank you note. While you’re doing that, buy some supplies on eBay from sellers with high feedback that will automatically leave you positive feedback, it won’t show as seller feedback but it does count toward your overall number.

7. Pictures and listing, make sure you’re taking clear pictures, you can use a phone, I’d suggest an iPhone, take your pics in square mode, adjust the brightness. Make sure your lighting is good, you can go to the dollar store and grab white poster board, that’s how we started.

8. Shipping. There are soooooo many shipping options on eBay, I could do an hour long video just on shipping, to make it super easy for beginners I’m going to keep it simple. First class mail, flat rate envelopes, flat rate boxes. Make sure your item fits and offer free shipping.

We do offer full mentoring, our next class starts September 15th, it’s a month long mentoring program that goes through everything you’d want to know about ebay, the cost is $397 https://bit.ly/2Jp82Ci

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