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Beautiful Bombay Breed Cat

Grandma’s Cats and Books

The Bombay Cat Breed was inspired by the black panther character Bagheera in Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling. Their hair is always black and it’s so sleek and soft, softer and silkier than any cat I’ve pet. They are smart and loyal cats. The breed was developed by breeding sable colored Burmese and black American Shorthairs.

I highly recommend seeking out one in any shelter and rescuing one. You’ll find them by the sleek and soft coat. The pads of their paws are black.

The breeder was Nikki Horner. You can find her on Wikipedia. She was famous for her cats early post WWII era. She lived in Kentucky most of her life. She passed in 1995. Her life story and other cat related accomplishments are very interesting. An example of her interesting life is that for a short while she took up modeling and modeled for Saks fifth Avenue to support her cats.

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