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Bboyang the cat rings the bell! Cat's tearful past.. (Smart fashionista cat, Bboyang pt.2)

SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐

Bboyang and the owner's story of fate unveiled!

(02:00 Touchingㅠㅠ..)

A previous story ↓↓↓ Fifty Shades of Cat. Something's fishy alright.. The dog must have lived multiple lives. While her sibling Imja is gone.. Dog Kong chooses a new friend..! [I'm sorry I Don't Love you EP5]. More fun than the first episode, I'm Sorry, I Don't Love You EP2. 만나면 밥부터 달라는 고양이. [동물농장] '아기동물들의 성장기' / 'Animal Farm' Review. Honey~This is your home from now on ^_^. Axolotl, you’re cute even when you’re sick. 리트리버 오빠의 덕후냥 '고양이 사생팬'. Like a fox.. Steals the limelight with its sudden appearance. Dog only lives on the scary top of a rooftop?! But its reaction when it steps on the ground... Three beautiful model dogs. A daily life of 23 cute little white puppies. 사무실에 침입한 고양이 가족 / 직원은 강제 집사행ㅋㅋㅋ | SBS 동물농장x애니멀봐. 'Where's the remote?' Dog that knows how to turn on and watch TV.

posted by Schineajx