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Battle of the Coral Sea - Lest We Forget new documentary


Battle of the Coral Sea - Lest We Forget

The Coral Sea holds great historical significance for Australia and the United States. In May 1942, it was the scene of a naval battle that reversed the tide of World War II in the Pacific. The Protect Our Coral Sea campaign has produced an 8-minute documentary in honour of those who fought and died in the Battle of the Coral Sea.

Special thanks to veterans Tommy Simms and Ted Simpson and their families and naval historian Dr David Stevens and everyone else involved with this documentary for their contribution. Bombing of Darwin. The Fighting Lady (1944). John B. Lundstrom | 'The Battle for the Coral Sea'. Ace of ZERO @ a battle of the Coral sea. Battle of Coral Sea Training Film (Part 2). HOOK DOWN WHEELS DOWN PART 1 HISTORY OF AIRCRAFT CARRIERS / NAVAL AVIATION 2156. Last Ditch German Tank Busters 1945. The Pacific Battle of Peleliu. MIDWAY AND CORAL SEA BATTLES 2111a. WWII BATTLE OF MIDWAY 2 of 3 RARE COLOR FILM. Battle of The Coral Sea - World War Two. USS YORKTOWN AT THE BATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA & RUSSIAN OFFENSIVE NEWSREEL 1942 70862. Pt #1 of 2 F6F Hellcat Marianas Turkey Shoot MATZ. Fury In The Pacific (1945). The Second World War: The Battle of Midway.

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