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Bandita The Super Stoat | Watch this Stoat Mum raise her cute kits | Stoats

Robert E Fuller

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Bandita , a female stoat was born in my garden and has raised several litters here. With this brand new series you can watch her story as she brings up this year's litter of seven stoat kits.
A Family of Stoats living in my garden THE BOX SET: THE COMPLETE SERIES IN ONE
Taken from my wildlife cameras, this film combines a year of video clips that follow this ermine stoat and her young family.
EPISODE ONE: Tracking down a female Stoat named Bandita
Bandita moved her stoat kits several times during their early days and keeping track of them was quite a feat. Follow the story as we watch her carry them one by one from nest to nest and then see what happens when the kits are old enough to follow their mother through the garden.
EPISODE TWO: Watch the stoat kits grow
The stoat kits quickly become playful and adventurous and we get to see them tumbling about in their nest and exploring the steps in my garden before eventually curling up exhausted from their day's play to sleep with Bandita.
EPISODE THREE: Identifying the stoat characters.
It isn't long before the individual characters of Bandita's kits emerge. Meet Doc, with his broken tail, and Olga, who has incredible skills on the trampoline, and a male who can climb like a ninja.
EPISODE FOUR: Bandita Stoat turns white for winter
Bandita is a very rare ermine stoat and each winter she transforms from chestnut brown to a pure white. As the year comes to a close watch her begin her transition.

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