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Balinese Cat-TOP 10 FACTS

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Balinese CatTOP 10 FACTS

Get ready to be whiskered away as we embark on a furry adventure, exploring the top 10 facts about these majestic felines. From their elegant meowsic to their gravitydefying acrocatics, these Balinese beauties are here to steal your heart. So grab your catnip and prepare for a tailtwitching good time as we dive into the enchanting world of Balinese Cats. Get ready to go bananas for Balinese in this meownificent feline extravaganza! Are you ready?

A Quick Overview:
Origin: United States
Length: 812 inches
Weight: 1012 pounds
Life Expectancy: 1520 years

0:00 Intro
0:29 Their Intro
1:21 Siamese Vs. Balinese
1:56 They Have Two Varieties
2:30 They Don't Have an Undercoat
3:03 Javanese is Balinese Hybrid
3:43 They're not Hypoallergenic
4:20 Their Coat is LowMaintenance
4:48 They make Great Companion
5:17 They're Vocal
5:46 They've Small Gene Pool
6:23 Outro

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