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BALI CATSMART - the first 38 feet catamaran by Bali

ActuNautique - Yachting Art

In just a few years, Bali Catamarans, Catana Group's brand of pleasure catamarans, has become one of the market leaders. In the first half of 2022, the French shipyard, whose headquarters are based in Canet en Roussillon, posted a 45% growth in sales to 70 million euros. It is in this buoyant context that Bali announces the launch of a 38foot boat, the Bali Catsmart.

The Bali Catsmart reinforces a range strong of 6 models, with the Bali Catspace, Bali 4.2, Bali 4.4, Bali 4.6, Bali 4.8 and Bali 5.4!

If the Bali Catsmart takes the main features of the Bali, with the walkaround concept, the decked bow and the cockpit saloon opening or closing on the sea with a tilting door, it differs by the absence of flybridge and the integration of 2 steering wheels at the rear of the hulls, for a key word: pleasure at the helm!

posted by 4cluvq