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Baby Owls Fall From Tree And A Big Owl Has An Injured Wing! Help! | Rescued! | Dodo Kids

Dodo Kids

It's a double, quadruple owl rescue! First, three baby owls lost their home when their tree was cut down. Their rescuer, Grant, will need to find them a new one — by making them a nest out of a basket and climbing a HUGE tree! Then, Carson is out driving when he spots an owl on the side of the road. He isn't sure what to do, but he knows he needs to save this owl...with the help of owlheroextraordinaire, Grant! Finally, find out what birds are thinking at the bird feeder — it might surprise you!

For another special Dodo Kids video, check out this eagle who was NOT happy to be rescued — at least, at first! ➡    • Bald Eagle Tries Not To Be Angry With...  

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