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Baby Bengal Kitten Meets Singapura Kitten for the 1st Time!


In this video, I finally introduce Lily and Isis, my singapura kitten and baby bengal kitten to each other for the first time (outside of their carriers - in the same room). Amazingness does ensue!

This video teaches you how to bring a kitten from running under the bed every time you move, to coming out, playing with you, letting you pet her and letting you pick her up, to eventually sleeping along side you and not running away.

My baby bengal kitten is beyond adorable and even tinier than she is cute! This is the second day I got her. She weighs 2.56 lbs. She is just 10 weeks old!

She's a Brown Spotted Bengal. They're the size of regular house cats, but look like wild cats. They like water, some will swim in a pool or bathe with you, they'll take a shower with you, can be walked on a leash/harness, are incredibly intelligent, are very friendly, get along with people/cats/dogs, are often referred to as the Rolls Royce of cats, are supposed to be able to recognize their name and do tricks, they have more of a chirping/bark sound than meowing and act like dogs, not like cats (like Lily).
My little baby kitten, Lily is a 9-month old female Singapura. They are the smallest cat breed in the world and are extremely intelligent. She's 4.5 pounds now and is full-grown! Females can grow to be as small as just 4 pounds!

Lily has the personality of a dog and follows me everywhere I go, gets upset if I'm gone for too long and unlike many cats, never hides or stays by herself. She's personable, loving and affectionate. On top of all that, I'm teaching her to do tricks! Talk to the Animals - Singapura Cats. MAGIC Waking Up Andreas. Bald & Beautiful: Sphynx Kittens | Too Cute! bengal cat talking to her kitten - ORIGINAL. Butterfly's Baby Bengal Kittens. Baby Bengal Kitten Meets Singapura Kitten for 1st Time. How our new cats became friends - Day 1 to 7 and after 4 months. How to SOCIALIZE your Skittish Fraidy Cat into your Cuddle Pal - the RESULTS! My new Kitten! First Meet. Bengals love to talk. A Snow Bengal Kitten & Labrador Puppy Becoming Best Friends! Meet Tofu, the Singapura Kitten. Resident Cat Meets Kitten for First Time. First Foster Kittens Coming Home! Kittens Meeting Dogs For The Very First Time Compilation 2017.

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