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Baby Armadillo Wants To Take A Billion Baths | Calm x Dodo Kids

Dodo Kids

Arnie's a pretty special little armadillo. He lives with a beaver, some opossums, and a skunk in a house, where likes to sneak into the trash and break every rule. But the thing he loves most is taking BATHS! So if you want to find Arnie, check the tub. Or the trash can — he might be there, too...

Want more Arnie adventures? Check out his new Dodo Kids sleep story, only on @Calm (and here's a free trial to get you started): http://thedo.do/YTArnie

For more of Arnie’s life with his mom, you can check out: @secondchanceswildlife: https://www.instagram.com/secondchanc....

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