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Authority Anxiety and the Desire for Revolution: Day 1 Lecture 1

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

With the concept of "extimacy", psychoanalysis proposes that unassimilable otherness is not something outside us but resides deep within us and makes us what we are. Psychoanalysis has always been political because its basic premise is that symptoms are never simply personal but rather expressions of the extimate link between the individual and the social. This conference investigates the concept of extimacy as a site in which the link between psychoanalysis and politics can be explored.
This conference is organized with the generous support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation as part of the “Extimacies: Critical Theory from the Global South” earlycareer scholars program and Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Critical Theory (PACT).

Titles of the videos (DVD of Day1)
1 Introductory Remarks by Surti Singh and Nadia Bou Ali
2 Lecture: Alenka Zupančič, Sexual Violence and Systemic Enjoyment
3 Panel 1:
Carlos Gómez Camarena, Awakening from Critical Theory
Samo Tomšič, “Ex”: Ontology, Topology, Psychoanalysis
4 Panel 2:
Sami Khatib, Real Abstraction and the Unconscious of the Commodity Form
Andreja Zevnik, Political Anxieties: Frameworks of Action, Transformation and Emancipation
5 Lecture: Vladimir Safatle, Subjective Destitution As a Practice of Social Emancipation

Titles of the videos (DVD of Day2)
1 Lecture: Mladen Dolar, Where Does Power Come From?
2 Panel 1:
Amanda Holmes, Outrage: The Phallus and the Extimacy of Anger
Alexi Kukuljevic, Extimacy and Stupidity: On Being a Dumb Thing
3 Panel 2:
Goran Vranešević, The Object of Speculation
Anna Jovanovic,
4 Panel 3:
Silvio Carneiro, A New Biology? Reading Psychoanalysis and Politics from a Marcusean Perspective
Alejandro Cerda Rueda, Totem and/or Taboo: A Study on an Incomplete Freudian Concept

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