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Australian Mist Cat Breed | The Most Friendly Cat Known as Australian Mist

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Well, our topic today will go to the cat. It is of course a good reference for you as the cat lover. What kind of cat that we are going to talk today? Have you ever known about Australian Mist? What is the different of the cat with the other kind of cat? How are the specific physical appearances of the Australian Mist cat? All the answer for the question will be answered here. So, stay here and find what is interesting from this kind of cat and decide whether it is suitable to be your pet or not.
Australian Mist is also known as Spotted Mist. Why is it called as spotted? Does it have spot in its body? Let us find the answer later. Australian Mist cat breed was developed actually in Australia. It was developed in 1976 by Truda Straede. The way to develop the breed is by crossing Abyssinian, Burmese, and also short-haired cats which are domestic cats with the spotted coat. The name was turned to Australian in 1998 when the cats with the marbled coats not with spots again began to be accepted as the breed part.
Now we come to the most important point of talking about Australian Mist. The cat has medium size. It is not really big and small. It is also short-haired with large and shining eyes and also round head. The coat of the cat lacks undercoat and very short. You do not need to brush it much since the cat loose little of hair. The tail and the legs of the cat are barred and ringed. Meanwhile for the neck and also the face, it has color lines. The life span of the cat is about fifteen to eighteen years.
How about the Australian Mist temperament? Actually, the cat is tolerant cat. It can also be indoor cats which are very excellent to be your pet. The cat can also be trained for walking together with you in the evening enjoying the fresh air. The cat can be very friendly with the other pets like dogs and cat. It will not really jealous with the other cat if you are paying attention to the other cat.
Are you interested to have Australian Mist? Having this kind of cat will be beneficial for you to accompany you at home. The cute look and also lovely characteristic of the cat will be your main consideration when you want to look after the pet. You can browse as soon as possible to get knows the price of the cat and searching the pictures of the cat.

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