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Are Burmese cats affectionate? How much is a Burmese kitten?

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Are Burmese cats affectionate? How much is a Burmese kitten?
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0:00 Intro
0:07 Are Burmese cats affectionate?
0:22 How long do Burmese cats live for?
0:34 How much is a Burmese cat?
0:52 Are Burmese cats rare?
1:14 Are Burmese cats aggressive?
1:32 Are Burmese good indoor cats?
1:54 Are Burmese cats smart?
2:11 Can you leave a Burmese cat alone?
2:27 Do Burmese cats scratch furniture?
2:39 Why do Burmese cats meow so much?
2:56 Are Burmese cats friendly?
3:16 Are Burmese cats destructive?
3:31 Are Burmese cats hypoallergenic?
3:51 What Colors do Burmese cats come in?
4:16 How do you identify a Burmese cat?
4:34 Do Burmese cats purr?
4:51 How big do Burmese cats get?
5:09 Do Burmese cats get along with dogs?
5:26 Do Burmese cats have blue eyes?
5:47 Are Burmese cats playful?
5:59 Outro

Are Burmese cats affectionate?
One characteristic of Burmese cats that is unique from some of the other cat breeds is that they are extremely affectionate to their owners and love positive attention.
This breed of cat, while very affectionate, does not mind telling its owners when it needs attention and will be very vocal about it

How long do Burmese cats live for?
A study funded by the UK Burmese Cat Club in 1980 was inconclusive. The breed has an average lifespan of 10 to 17 years.

How much is a Burmese cat?
A Burmese kitten can cost anything between $ 500 and $ 1500. The price depends on where you buy the kitten from as well as several other factors. 
Burmese kittens for sale as pets only will be more affordable, whereas show quality cats from a registered breeder will be more expensive.

Are Burmese cats rare?
Today, the two cats are judged by very different breed standards, even though they share Wong Mau as an ancestor.
However, the European Burmese remains rare in North America to this day: In 2014, the CFA analyzed its registration statistics and ranked the feline as its 34th most popular breed.

Are Burmese cats aggressive?
Hyperesthesia syndrome tends to appear in cats one to five years old, and Oriental type cats (Siamese, Burmese, Himalayans, and Abyssinians) seem to have the highest incidence.
Cats seem friendly, and even beg for attention, then furiously attack when the owner attempts to pet them. It can be more severe than

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