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Animals That Don't Exist - Hybrid Animals


Let's create animals that don't exist. Let us know your favorite hybrid animal by leaving a comment. In this video, we mix animals to create new animal species. Subscribe to Kiddopedia channel for animal hybrids →

The animal videos on our channel Kiddopedia get a lot of attention from our viewers. In this video, we would like to get creative and come up with imaginary animals that do not exist. We take two existing animals and create new animals by combining species with each other. The animal images are photoshopped to create a mixed animal. We also include a creative fictional name for our new hybrid animal.

Note: The source of the animal hybrid images is the "Hybrid Animals" Subreddit →   / hybridanimals   . Please contact us in case of copyright issues. You can find the author of each animal here →

The original animal images are taking from Pixabay →

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Music from
"Silly Intro", "Lurking Sloth" by Alexander Nakarada (
"Comic Plodding", "Sneaky Snitch"", "Scheming Weasel Faster", "Mister Exposition", "Professor and the Plant", "Wholesome", "Plucky Daisy", "Friendly Day", "Fensters Explanation" by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0

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