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ANiMAL ZOO Transfer!! Adley u0026 Dad build a play doh pet neighborhood and pretend vet doctor check up

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

Welcome to our Toy Room Zoo!!

LET'S BE FRIENDS https://goo.gl/a7ctjJ

HEY EVERYBODY!! Welcome to our Playdoh Zoo! Well.... we have to build it first!! Today was soooo fun! When I woke up I told my dad I wanted to make animals out of playdoh as we did before for our ANiMAL FOOD TRUCK video we did a while ago! Making animals for Mom and Niko made me happy so I wanted to do it again but this time we kept our animals in Dad and I's Zoo we built from the ground up! We had to make walkways, cages, food, guest, and animals to populate our zoo! We made a lot of new pets and friends for our zoo! We made a duck, sloth, whale, lizard, cheetah, snake, elephant, octopus, flamingo, fish, and a frog!! There were so many but it was so fun!! After we made our animals we called Mom and Niko to be our guests and invited them to come and see our creation! I gave them the grand tour and then we had a blast as we pretend played! This was one of the best play dates ever with my family!

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Bye vlog pshhhhh

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