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Amyloidosis Presentation in Siamese, Oriental and Balinese cats

Oriental Cat

Talk given by Dr Emi Barker BSc (RVC) BVSc (Bristol) PhD (Bristol)
Amyloidosis in Siamese, Oriental, Balinese & Abyssinian cats. Part 1/2 (see Q&A for 2/2)
Filmed at the Oriental Cat Association show 2018.
Film is property of the OCA and OCWT - permission must be granted for use outside of our members. Siamese and oriental cats. Balinese Seal Point Wants Attention. Teddy tells me his hunger honks. Talking Oriental cat. Cats 101 Animal Planet - Siamese ** High Quality **. Cute Oriental Kittens Compilation. Very NOISY oriental kittens (3rd month). 12 Interesting Things About Balinese Cat. TOP 10 COLD WEATHER CAT BREEDS. Champion Siamese Cat. Cat Breed Spotlight: Oriental. Sanibel's 6 week old kittens. CFA registered Balinese. CFA International Cat Show 2017 - Championship Orientals. Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats and Boots and Cats (M19 Standard Cat Tribal). Oriental kittens.

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