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American Bobtail crossed with Siberian Kittens


These adorable kittens are barley 24 hours old! 4/19/19 kittens were born mother is Hope a Silver Broken Mackerel Tabby and the father is a Black Classic Tabby Siberian. It appears that 4 resemble the father Majestic with the Black Tabby markings but either they are classic spotted or mackerel tabby is still unknown- it’s really hard to tell this little! 3 of the kittens are kind of blackish 1 out of the 3 is a lot lighter than the other two so it may be a chocolate colored kitten and the other 2 have faint Tabby markings! Only 3 available kittens check out Hopes Cattery on Facebook and please do not forget to like my page thank you!

posted by xsanmartin5m