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all-new 2022 Range Rover REVIEW L460 - still a luxury SUV king?


This is our indepth review of the allnew 2022 Range Rover. We're taking a look at Exterior, Interior and technology.

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00:00 Allnew Range Rover L460 overview
00:25 Chassis and design changes
01:39 New rearaxle steering
02:12 Rear design
02:45 Technology fins for camera and 5G
03:02 Matt copper SV trim
03:26 Interior
04:01 Animal leather free interior with Ultrafabrics
05:52 Cockpit overview
07:02 Digital instruments in 13,1"
07:13 HeadupDisplay (HUD)
07:26 Infotainment System in 13,7"
10:37 More interior details
11:14 Panoramic roof
11:40 Rear executive seating
14:12 Boot with tailgate event suite
16:15 Engine choices (petrol, diesel, PHEV, EV)
16:47 Pricing with all extras


Transparency note: Autogefühl videos are independent and free from editorial influence on opinion and rating. But since manufacturers enable us to do the reviews in the first place, for legal reasons this video is marked as _advertisement_.

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