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All About Kittens: Kitten Growth Stages u0026 Milestones!

Jackson Galaxy

Part 1 in 3 Part Series Kitten Growth Stages

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Part 2: Adult Years
   • Cat Ages & Stages: All About the Adul...  

Part 3: Senior Years
   • The Senior Cat Years | Cat Ages and S...  

We all know how cute kittens are and how fun it is to watch them grow up! What you might not know is how quickly they mature physically and socially and that we, as their guardians, have a very large part to play in making sure they’re the best they can be in those stages and into adulthood. I’ll take you through every step so get ready for a whole lotta cute...and to turn your kitten into a Mojofied Kitten.

▶ What You'll Learn:
When kittens open their eyes
When kittens start eating
When kittens start playing & MORE!

02:22 DAY 10
03:00 5WEEKS OLD
05:05 6WEEKS OLD
06:19 1014 WEEKS OLD
08:00 1216 WEEKS OLD
08:47 6 MONTHS OLD
12:00 RECAP

Tiny but Mighty: Kitten Lady's Guide to Saving the Most Vulnerable Felines by Hannah Shaw

Loads of knowledge when it comes to cats here!

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