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Adopting a Pet | My Checklist and Preparation Guide

Andrea Heckler

Some advice on what to do before you bring home a new pet, based on my own personal experience (and a fair bit of research!)

If you're not sure what kind of animal to adopt, do some research about the care, cost, and lifestyle of the pets you're considering. Also don't be afraid to ask someone experienced for their opinion on what pet might suit your lifestyle best. It's very important to think this through fully before committing to pet parenthood!
Budgeting is another great thing to work out far in advance. Figure out how much you’re going to pay in adoption fees, annual vet bills, and things like vaccines, spaying/neutering, and (of course) all the supplies and regular food purchases.
Consider a plan (and a few backup plans) for when you travel. Friends who are willing and able to petsit, pet hotels that are nearby and wellrated, etc. No matter how much or little you travel, you should always have options – because odds are you will need them sometime!

Also, please...adopt, don't shop


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