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Adley u0026 Mom CHALLENGES!! Bubbles Soccer and Teamwork tied together! playing to win dad surprises

A for Adley - Learning & Fun

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HEY EVERYBODY!! Today when I got home from school, I had a message that Me and Mom were supposed to meet dad in the basement for surprise. When we get down stairs we found out that dad had a bunch of challenges set up for us! Each challenge that we beat we would get to unlock a PRIZE! Each of the prizes was a different #pollypocket compacts, which I LOVE to play with! Our first challenge was an Obby (Obstacle Course) across the basement. It looked like it was SUPER EASY! But then dad told us that there was a twist... Me and Mom had to be TAPED TOGETHER which made it a lot harder! After the first challenge we won our first prize: the Race and Rock Arcade! It had a lot of fun games like bowling, racing, and a lot of fun mini games! Another competition that dad had us do was SOCCER!! ⚽ Mom and I had to score 3 goals on goalie dad! Dad is really good as soccer so we had to get creative on how we scored! One time I pretended to be a kitten to distract him while Mom scored the goal! Another time I used TINY POWER to go small and take the ball through dad's legs! One of our last contests was blowing bubbles with bubble gum! Me and Mom both had to blow a bubble to unlock our prize, but first we had to find the gum hidden somewhere! It felt like a tiny scavenger hunt or a treasure hunt! Dad helped us out with a couple clues on how to find it! Once we found it me and mom took turns trying to blow bubbles! It took me a couple of tries but eventually I got a bubble, and Mom got a GiANT bubble! So we unlocked out prize! I had so much fun playing today with Mom, Dad, Polly, and Shani..

Bye vlog pshhhhh

posted by mzjanjantd