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Activate 100% Brain Potential - Genius Brain Frequency - Beta Waves (Brainwaves)

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◎ About this neowake™ session:

This session has one purpose: to increase your brain power to 100%. With our everyday consciousness we are awake, but rarely really productive. That's because we can't get beyond the middle beta range (above 15 Hz). With this session, however, your consciousness will be raised further, making it easier for you to perform and activate other areas of your brain.

The session has a duration of 60 minutes. You can use speakers or headphones. The session doesn't have to be listened to completely to have any effects. Recommended especially when learning or working to get into a kind of flow state.

Have fun listening!

◎ Recommended use:

Our neowake™ sessions are very powerful thanks to the embedded audio frequencies. You will reach a new state of consciousness with this video. Within the first 57 minutes your brain waves will adapt and you will feel a change. If you want to increase the effect, start listening to the neowake™ sessions daily.

◎ Safety instructions:

Our neowake™ sessions work best when you listen to the music through headphones while sitting or lying down in a relaxed way. Please do not listen to this music while driving or doing anything that requires your full attention.

The neowake™ sessions do not replace a recommendation of your doctor. Brain wave stimulation does not correspond to any diagnostic procedure and should not be used exclusively for the treatment of diseases.

◎ Our promise:

Trust our original neowake™ technology and feel the difference. We are constantly developing our neowake™ session to provide you with unique and mindexpanding experiences.

◎ The neowake™ difference:

Our listening sessions are fundamentally different from traditional YouTube relaxation music. We use innovative audio frequencies and create interactive sessions that are optimally adapted to the programming of your consciousness.

We only use highquality compositions and produce the neowake™ session in our own laboratory. Through this research and intensive testing, we develop the highest efficiency for you. Whether you want to relax, be productive or go into a deep sleep. With our neowake™ sessions you can do this within a few minutes.

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