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Abandoned the 3 puppies tried to crawl little by little crying loudly for their mother in hunger

Rescue Mission HT

Abandoned, the 3 puppies tried to crawl little by little, crying loudly for their mother in hunger

At 7 a.m., we received a call for help from a woman. While cleaning, she heard crying coming from the back of the house. Looking through the small door, she saw something moving, she quickly walked out and discovered it was 3 puppies. She immediately contacted us and asked for help. When we received a request for help from the woman, we did not hesitate and set out immediately. After nearly an hour of traveling, we arrived at the woman's house. She led us to the back to find the 3 puppies. When we arrived, we saw three very small puppies in front of us. They were just born a few days ago and have not even opened their eyes yet, the body weight of the 3 puppies is just over 100g. The 3 puppies are now trying to crawl on the cold ground, under the cold wind and with empty stomachs. The 3 puppies gradually exhausted themselves, they were desperate and could only cry loudly for their mother in vain...

Thank you everyone for watching the video
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posted by janicexchung1z