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A Spooky New Friend u0026 More 👻😳 Talking Tom Shorts (S3 Episode 3)

Talking Tom

Would you make friends with a ghost if you met one?! Talking Tom would! And he 100% does!

But this ghost is not what you'd expect! Check it out in this brand new Talking Tom Shorts compilation. And while you're at it... Which of the friends has the best Halloween costume?

But that's not all! Watch as Tom and his friends try to prank the prank master, chase after Roy Rakoon, encounter aliens, battle bugs and loads more! This compilation has adventures for everyone. Hit play and have a Talking Tom Shorts marathon, or use the links below!

A Spooky New Friend (Season 3, Episode 3):    • A Spooky New Friend & More  Talking...  
Prank Hank (Season 2, Episode 43):    •  Prank Hank   Talking Tom Shorts (...  
Aliens Took Our House! (Season 2, Episode 22):    •  Aliens Took Our House!  Talking T...  
Together Forever (Season 2, Episode 37):    •  Together Forever   Talking Tom Sh...  
The Lost Puzzle Piece (Season 2, Episode 46):    •  The Lost Puzzle Piece   Talking ...  
We Can't Sleep (Season 2, Episode 40):    •  We Can’t Sleep   Talking Tom Shor...  
Fleas, Fleas, Everywhere! (Season 2, Episode 9):    •  Fleas, Fleas, Everywhere!   Talki...  
Nasty Little Bugs (Season 2, Episode 19):    • Nasty Little Bugs   Talking Tom S...  
Hide and Seek Challenge (Season 2, Episode 3):    • Hide and Seek Challenge  NEW CARTOO...  
Water Balloon Battle (Season 2, Episode 23):    •  Water Balloon Battle   Talking To...  

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Produced by Outfit7 Limited:
3D Animation production by Lunar:

Hi, guys. Thanks for watching! It’s so cool to meet you. I’m Talking Tom.

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