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A record of conquering the anywhere cat door #2 Boss-Kichi succeeded in breaking through himself!

Pastel Cat World

A record of conquering the anywhere cat door #2
In our previous video, it showed the first encounter of BossKichi with the anywhere door. After that, the cats got their training on how to overcome this exclusive door, and BossKichi has succeeded by passing through himself.
Ever since then, BossKichi managed to come in and out of the room properly and he no longer breaks out or scratches the door as before. Thankfully I have a quiet night now(^^;)

By the way, all the training and number of times BossKichi goes through the door are all shown in the video. He is able to complete the task all by himself and it is much faster than I expected. I was actually surprised by how good a cat could study.

Now, if NekoKichi managed to go through the door by herself, then we can solve the door problem. I will post what happened after that as soon as the video is ready.

【Blog】 March 4 Finally BossKichi and NekoKichi are aiming the anywhere cat door!

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