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A Day with “BO” “RAGAMUFFIN CAT” Adorable rare breed

Guitar Man3YT

Ragamuffin cats, Our cat BO. I made this video because we have been spending a lot of extra time with BO lately because he recently lost his big brother Boomer. We could tell he was in a bit of a depression. Boomer was the black and white cat seen in a lot of my earlier videos. He passed away due to kidney failure. So, we bought BO a new bed and a couple of toys and he’s slowly coming around. Here’s some characteristics of a Ragamuffin cat.
They can live 18 to 20 years
Females are around 15lbs while the males can reach 20+
Thick rabbit like fur
They don’t fully mature for 4 to 5 years, so it’s like having a kitten for that long
They are lovable and love to cuddle
They are all born white and develop their color later
They are a mix of Ragdoll, Persian, Himalayan
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posted by BoydayKedsj