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A Day in the Life // Student-Dog Owner

Infamous Rae


Thinking about getting a dog if you're a college student? Might want to watch this before making that decision.

I love my great dane mix more than I love most people in this world, however becoming a dog mom makes your new fur baby the new priority above yourself. Time that most of my friends and classmates spend decompressing after school, bingeing netflix, going out downtown or to happy hour I typically spend getting Dory's energy out since I'm gone so much during the day. Make the decision to adopt/purchase an animal with care, and be sure that you can truly put another's needs in front of your own before you do.

Daily Routine Time Table:
7:00am wakeup call from Dory
7:00am7:30am morning walk
8:15am classes at Cal Poly Pomona
10:30am 11:30 get ready for work and let Dory out before I leave
12:00pm5:30pm work as a listings editor for mass production fashion co.
6:30pm7:30pm run Dory at the park
8:30pm dinner
9:00pm12:00am study for midterms
12:15am bedtime

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